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We offer several different seminars and classes that are targeted to the haunted attraction industry. These classes range from lecture only to lecture and hands on workshop.  

Please contact me for more info on specific courses!

Let us help you get the most out of your haunted house!

Haunted Attraction Psychology

In this course I explain what makes people afraid and how your crew can use that to their advantage.

Haunted Attraction Actor Training

In this course I go over all the things I have learned in my 14+ years in the haunted house attraction industry and share pointers and tips with your actors.

Haunted Attraction Manager Training

In this course, similar to the actor training course, I go over what I have learned as a manager in over my haunted attraction career. I have managed large casts and crews at such attractions as Nashville Nightmare haunted house, as well as year round attractions like Ripleys Haunted Adventure. 

Haunted Attraction Set Design

In this course I cover many tips and tricks I have learned over the years with set design. This include both scenic painting and distressing techniques, but also how to layout your scares.

Haunted Attraction Makeup 101 

In this coure I will cover the basics of haunted attraction specifci style makeups. This is good for newer artists or for actors who want to learn how to be a more valuable asset to the team and learn makeup skills.

 Airbrush 101

In this course I will cover the basics of how to start airbrushing. This will cover the airbrush itself and some basic training exercises to get your artists familiar with how to use this tool and add it to their arsenal of skills.

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